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    Distributed Agile - A Case Study

    Smitha Saikumar Bhandary
    Smitha Saikumar Bhandary
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    Case Study


    Any customers working with a typical Software IT services Organization expect that their vendors understand and deliver their requirements on time. Reduced time to market with improved quality and productivity supported by an efficient process is "The" need of the hour for any customer.

    About the project: This project is about developing printer software for a leading OEM. The end customer is one who uses high end printers for their professional needs. The challenges faced is high requirement volatility due to evolving requirements from marketing team, complex features and a  distributed team.

    In this case study we would want to share how an IT services organization and customer partnered to succeed using Distributed Agile


    The Agile practices that helped to manage requirement volatility was prioritized backlog management along with early demos. The estimations with insight into minute tasks led to short stories which made the sprints very realistic and successful to complete on time.

    Complexities were discussed upfront and impediments were tracked to timely closure. Scrum of Scrum helped both the customer as well as vendor teams distributed across Geos to discuss and collaborate effectively leaving no surprises to the end.

    Refactoring and structural code quality analysis helped to improve the stability of the code from the very beginning there by helping to build a high quality product

    Continuous integration and automated build helped the development, testing and user acceptance testing team to work seamlessly without operational delays

    At the end of the day what resulted for customer is the ability to meet late marketing team requirements effectively with a quality product, on time ready for the market release