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    Learn the knack of implementing distributed scrum in workplace

    Sarika Nagvekar
    Sarika Nagvekar
    schedule 3 years ago
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    45 mins
    Case Study

    Nowadays most of the projects have more than one team working on them also the team members are distributed at varoius sites.
    The knowledge of working with agile distributed team is essential in the current scenario.
    In this session We would like to focus on a case study for gaining more insights on how to scale and how to work with agile distributed teams.

    - Manage cordination with two or more teams.

    - Conduct iteration planning and syncrozise work, irrespective of the number of teams.

    - Probe the varoius challenges facing distributed teams and resolve them. (Example Lack of Communication, Minimum Team Overlap, Requirements Discontinuity, Cultural Barriers).

    - Achive good team allocation, how to interacte with team members, and how to coolaborate and choose the best meeting timings across all time zone.

    - Apply immediate practical advice, where ever the teams are distributed.