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    Distributed Agile 2.0

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    45 mins

    There is nothing ‘Agile’ in the current distributed Agile project management systems, which is focused towards passively capturing and providing information to teams, they are traditionally designed for people who have no choice but to use, which are ‘transaction oriented than ‘relationship oriented’ this is really ‘anti Agile’.

    This discussion / talk is inspired by Geoffrey Moore concept of systems of engagement . This discussion / talk is intended to

    a)      Provoke thought on how to bring ‘Agile’ values and principle in transitioning from current Agile project management system designed around discrete pieces of information ("records") to systems which are more decentralized, & relationship oriented which embraces social behavior of a team.

    b)    Talk also brings out following uniqueness of Systems of engagement and how can we achieve it in distributed Agile context

    Systems of Engagement – Distributed Agile 2.0

    Systems of Records ( current Agile project management)

    High complexity

    High volume

    Relationship oriented

    Transaction oriented

    Outgrowth of project teams

    Outgrowth of value

    Organize around orchestrator

    Organize around concentrator

    Focus : Expertise, innovation and market development

    Focus : efficiency, speed, and adaptability