This presentation discussess some of the factors that are critical to the success of the teams.  Successful teams is a prerequisite to a successful enterprise.

What would help the team succeed?

What would hinder the teams?

What are some things that might work for the team, but might not work for an enterprise?


The above is an example of what will be discussed during the session.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

Workshop and interactive discussion

Learning Outcome

- Success factors for teams

- Systems thinking

Target Audience

Team members new to Agile, Managers starting Agile projects, Team members, People managers, product manager, executives

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Public Feedback

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  • Deepak Dhananjaya
    By Deepak Dhananjaya  ~  3 years ago
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     Could you please elaborate on your approach? Since its a vast topic, it would be good if you could share few factors that would make teams successfull and also what contributions is needed from enterprise?


    • Joel Tosi
      By Joel Tosi  ~  6 years ago
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      I agree with Deepak, I am not sure from reading this what the session is really about.  What is success?  Product, team, utilization, market share? Who is successful?  Everyone, developers, management?  How do you measure success?  Surveys, happiness, work-life balance?