Agile mechanics are easy, but enduring transformation is hard. Learn the tools and process of Agile and applied cultural anthropology for a successful long-lived transformation that changes your group's microculture.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

This will be a presentation-workshop, using divide-merge-merge-merge-merge to organize the participants. I'll present some material, then have them work individually and together to apply the material to their situation. Participants will do the first activity solo, and then merge into larger groups for subsequent activities (two people, four people, etc.) until everyone comes back together as a single group.

The ideas for this session are from my blog posts, and , and from cultural anthropology textbooks.

Learning Outcome

You will learn:
- How to apply cultural anthropology to Agile transformation
- How to get group vision and alignment
- How to use Open Space Technology as part of your Agile transformation

Target Audience

Practitioners who want Agile transformation to endure and blossom in their organization

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