Automation of Engineering aspects in Agile Factory Model

With Agile, every aspect of software engineering needs to be done in a quick and consistent manner. Automation is one of them and we will showcase how various engineering  aspects like Unit Testing, Functional Testing, Integration, Build and Deployments were handled in “Agile Factory Model” with large-scale, distributed teams.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • Project Context
  • Need for automation
  • Engineering aspects

Learning Outcome

Understand the engineering best practices in large scale distributed agile projects.

Target Audience


schedule Submitted 5 years ago

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  • Sudipta Lahiri
    By Sudipta Lahiri  ~  5 years ago
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    Hi Sudheer,


    Would you talk about these (TDD, Continuous Integration) purely at a concept level OR do you plan on giving some live technical demonstrations also?




  • Ravi Kumar
    By Ravi Kumar  ~  5 years ago
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    Hi Sudheer,


    Thanks for submitting your proposal.


    Will you please provide more details on what you are trying to convey. I am unable to understand 'Agile Factory Model' and don't get a sense for the engineering best practies that was implemented. Any links to an article, blog or past presentations on this topic will help us.


    Best regards,



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