DevOps - In an Enterprise from Cradle to Grave

Commercial software development teams that practice Agile are confronted with daunting challenges in optimizing operations. In particular, the primary challenges faced are in shorter development sprint and bottle neck at QA gates for operations. The session will provide insight of DevOps building block and its business benefit. The session demonstrates signs that you need DevOps. This session is focused on how CollabNet’s engineering and operations team is overcoming these challenges and thus delivering faster and with a much better fit to enterprise customer requirements. The session touches upon the ops involvement from the beginning of the release till go live of the product development and briefly cover few real world examples.

CollabNet is a leading innovator in software development tools and in agile practices. Its Chennai development facility collaborates with teams in the USA, South America and Europe on large, production-grade software development projects. Venkat will provide a real-life case study of how CollabNet leverages a unified collaborative infrastructure to drive practices like continuous integration and DevOps to meet customer requirements.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Operations Challenges

Value Proposition

Signs you need DevOps - Showcase issues when ops were involved in the end of the release

Requirement of DevOps in an Enterprise

Incorporating retrospective from past releases due to gap between Dev & ops

How Ops are involved in Agile process during release planning of product development

How PO collaborates with Ops in Story writing

CollabNet Ops environment that supports QA Agile testing

Ops work with Dev to create common profiles & infrastructure at the begining of the release

Ops participation in story qualification

Ops profile reused by Developers & QA through out the release

Whole agile teams and stakeholders work on a common environment across multiple platforms distributed globally

Ops involvement in customer documentation review of the product installer

Ops the first customer in upgrading hosted customers to the new release of the product

Challenges continue where ops story changes come in close to the release that adds risk to product release

Real world example that demonstrates the DevOps practices using release automation

Learning Outcome

Learn about why you need DevOps in your organization

Understand building blocks of DevOps

Boundaries around DevOps that need to be in place to help a DevOps success story

How ops are involved in Agile process from begining to end of an release

Real world example that help understand stream lining the DevOps in an enterprise

Target Audience

Product Mangers, Engineering Managers, CXO

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  • Joel Tosi
    By Joel Tosi  ~  5 years ago
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    The idea is fine, though I am not certain how the cradle to grave metaphor fits in.  Some of the process items are confusing to me - signs you need devops, operations challenges, requirements of devops - those aren't items that would draw me to a session.  However, if you could frame it in a simple 'why devops' few minutes, that would be a nice context setting.  After that, tell me your journey - what did you do first, how did it go, what did you learn, how did you adapt.  How did you end up where you are today and what would you do differently?

    Not knowing your story, I feel that 20 minutes would be enough time to convey that information at enough depth.


    What do you think?



    • Janardhanam Venkat
      By Janardhanam Venkat  ~  5 years ago
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      I agree the end to end story does not go well with the process mentioned earlier.

      I have provided more details now in the process that frames the problem how we were releasing our product in the past. After few releases the retrospective was incorporated and how ops got involved in the whole agile process of a release. Also address few new challenges and continue to refine the devops collaboration. Touch upon for 5 minutes about the open source products or build on your own but no demo.

      My last year DevOps presentation in Agile India 2012 was more on implementing the DevOps solution and this session primarily focuses on Agile practices.

      Please review and get back to me for questions.


  • Nitin Ramrakhyani
    By Nitin Ramrakhyani  ~  5 years ago
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    Devops is certainly a key building block of improving oprational excellance so will certainly be an area of interest for the audience of this conference. Noticed that you spoke at last year's Agile India conference as well. Do you also plan to include any product demos?

    Can you update the links to your slides under the 'Links' section? Somehow only the text is appearing and the links to the earlier conferences that you have mentioned seem missing.



    • Janardhanam Venkat
      By Janardhanam Venkat  ~  5 years ago
      reply Reply


      Thanks for your feedback. The presentation does not include a demo.

      I have made the linkedIn profile public to view the presentation or you can see the past presentation at

      This topic mostly focuses on how ops are involved through out the product development life cycle.

      I have updated the above process for better clarity. Please review and get back to me.