Balancing between Project Manager and Scrum Master roles in large scale Agile/Scrum based software development engagements

 This would be an experience and POV sharing session on how in offshore heavy, large scale distributed Agile/Scrum based engagements, teams deal with


  • Challenges encountered in dealing with a co-existent Project Manager and Scrum Master roles
  • Balancing between living by the Manifesto, established Project Management practices, and the hard reality of life
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Outline/structure of the Session


Context Setting

Overview of the engagement landscape

The Challenge with Conflicting Objectives

How the challenge was dealt : what worked and what didn't fully work


Learning Outcome

Experience sharing on where to draw the line in adoption of Agile principles, Project Management principles and practices in large scale, multi-year, distributed teams based software development engagements


Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Project Managers, Program Managers

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  • Ellen Grove
    By Ellen Grove  ~  5 years ago
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    Hi.  Can you provide a little more information about the specific conflicts you encountered in your experience?  How big was the team you will describe in this experience report?  I like the general idea of the talk but I'd like to know a little more about the specifics of your experience.