Agile software process helping organization to speed of delivery(Execution Speed) with right solution but how about quality and creativity?

my Business managers says - "We need to come up with a product in shorter cycle time?time to market has to reduce "

Some group has decided that many features simply must appear in the next cycle, even though they are conflicting or there is a real resource problem, be it human or machine.Strong personalities are pushing for everything right now, and there seems to be no way around having to deliver it even though these requirements were just delivered and the true scope is not known.

This situation are common and freqent in the organization.
Team members are working on sprint after sprint and producing work product.How much time team is focusing for refactoring about the product and its quality.

With distributed agile team, developers are scattered geographically, separate location and test team are from India ,how to resolve quality problem? with the "follow sun" concept in development process for faster to market the product how to resolve quality issue? how much time team is able to spend on creative and innovative solution when who team focusing is on speed of execution?

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Outline/structure of the Session

Experience sharing from real time prduct development

Collaboration with business manager and wholistic planning process

Learning Outcome

When to use band-aid solution?
Set the quality standard without which release is not with quality but speed of delivery.
Speed vs quality ? How to balance.

Target Audience

Product Owner, Scrum master , Integrator

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  • Sudipta Lahiri
    By Sudipta Lahiri  ~  5 years ago
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    Hi Chandan,

    Respectfully, I am questioning the premise of your submission. You could have a Sprint that focussed on clearing Technical Debt and hence, improving product quality.

    Could it be that the management team that is perhaps pushing for new features every release needs to coached to think the agile way too?



  • Vikramaditya
    By Vikramaditya  ~  5 years ago
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    Agile kills quality? NO

    Agile kills Innovation? NO

    Agile increases speed ? NO

    And every one knows this who have been using it, then why sometimes it is true that it kills quality or innovation, not just agile process, any process if not used as it is meant to be, leads to wear n tear of the individual/team.

    I would be happy to see the topic as "Cardinal rules of using agile" and then present what you think about the rules

  • Sachin goel
    By Sachin goel  ~  5 years ago
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    Hi - there seems to be overlapping themes as well. Are you looking at quality and refactoring with same lense? Will help to understand the key themes clearly.

    thanks - sachin

  • Doc Norton
    By Doc Norton  ~  5 years ago
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    In reading the synopsis, it appears this is better suited for the "Offshore Distributed Agile" theme. I suggest you edit the synopsis to clean up some of the grammar issues and consider moving this to the suggested theme.

    - Doc