Agile adoption and impact on organizational behavior and structure

Large organizations over a period of time usually become a fat because of complex process and slow in decision making process and so lost agility. Agile adoption brings many transformation processes into any organization. The way team response to the changes from recruitment to delivery, all team members has to pass through the transformation process to get the output. Every individual involve in the execution process has to transform for the agility process. Especially in distributed agile team impact is more towards the organizational structure and behavior.Geo political influences and resistance for effective agile deployment and impact on execution speed is very high in distributed team. Sales, marketing, executive strategist all are part of transformation process. Traditional model of business execution is not effective any more.

All these demands organizational DNA changes for survivable.

Traditional thinking cuase of lot disruption in agile deployment process.

In this case study I will share real life story of an Agile project in Engineering organization like ABB which we have started working as a tranformation project for operational excellence from 2009 and how transformation process helped project and connected system in the organization to improve the situation.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

    • Steps to influence organization culture, organizational behavior and structure.
    • Steps, How through new ways to embrace agile process for business execution?
    • How proper structure resolves most of the organizational execution speed which otherwise will become a bottle neck.
    • How Climate, culture, creativity, competencies, characteristic, and captain’s behavior can handle through organizational policy?
    • How to choose cultural fit team members and mentor and coach to build such team
    • How team was measuring metrics for their own improvement 
    • how we built ownership cultural and felt pride of our solution

Learning Outcome


    • How to do weekly scrum meeting with support team to set the expectation and follow the demo for resolve dependency management in an organization.
    • How scrum of scrum resolve impediment related to Geo-political issues and resolve with executive committees.
    • Organizational readiness checklist to adopting agile.
    • How cultural transformation process should be executed?From cultural fit recruitment to mature cultural team how to build the process
    • How can a rotten apple spoil the other apple in Agile world?
    • How lean thinking by identifying waste in every process , build a agile organization culture?
    • How diversified cultural company like ABB where team members are working from Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, India collaborating seamlessly and making successful agile project

    A Problem statement - and how we succeeded to transform the team and the connected element in the organization.

Target Audience

Project manager, Line manager, product owner, HR , scrum master

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  • Ellen Grove
    By Ellen Grove  ~  6 years ago
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    Hi Chandan

    Your proposal is a bit generic on the nature of an Agile transformation.  If this is a case study, I'd like to know more (in the proposal) about the details of the specific Agile transformation you're planning to talk about.  What were the distinctive aspects of the situation?  What specific steps did you take to address them? What obstacles did you hit?  Please share your story.



  • Vijayanand Nagaraj
    By Vijayanand Nagaraj  ~  6 years ago
    reply Reply

    Hi Chandan, I definitely agree with you that an organization has to consider several aspects while undergoing a transformation. But this is applicable for any kind of transformation and not limited only to Agile Transformation.

    Seems like your case study is generically applicable to all kinds of transformation irrespective of the model or methodology being adopted. Can you elaborate what has to be done differently especially in Agile Transformation when compared to transforming to other models or methodologies.

  • Karthik Sirasanagandla
    By Karthik Sirasanagandla  ~  6 years ago
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    • What is the problem area that you're trying to address? Specifics should help, IMHO.
    • Some details of your approach that you've tried to succeed to solve the given problem.
    • Have you delivered a talk on this subject before. I find that the topic is too broad and the time is too short for it.

    Your answers and perhaps some modification to the proposal, I hope will help the readers to better connect. Thanks. --Karthik