Poka-Yoke: Error-Proofing SW the LEAN way

In the words of Mary Poppendieck; inspection to find defects is a waste, inspection to prevent defects is essential. This session aims to provide an insight into developing SW based Poka-Yoke
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Outline/structure of the Session

1. Description of what Poka-Yoke means 2. Importance of mistake-proofing 3. Types of Poka-Yoke 4. Poke-Yoke in SW

Learning Outcome

Audience will get to know more about different possibilities of developing mistake-proofing in SW development

Target Audience

SW developers, process practitioners,LEAN coaches

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  • Nitin Ramrakhyani
    By Nitin Ramrakhyani  ~  5 years ago
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    Not sure if you recieved any notifications earlier, hence resending this message. Can you take a look at the comments/ fedback given by the review team and reply.



  • Sachin goel
    By Sachin goel  ~  5 years ago
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    Just to confirm - are you suggesting replacing defect finding with defect prevention? curious to know your personal experience with this approach and issues / challenges around same?



  • Joel Tosi
    By Joel Tosi  ~  5 years ago
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    Hi Meghana,

      Could you please elaborate on the take-aways for this session and how they will be achieved?  What are some of these take-aways?  Are they process, are they tools, are they discussion gates, etc?  Is this purely observational?  20 minutes for a tutorial seems really challenging as well.


    Thanks much,