Fostering self-organization: Ten Ninja techniques for Managers and Executives

Agile principles advocate self-organized teams for developing the best architectures, requirements and designs. Left to itself, any group of living organisms (humans included) will self-organize to survive and thrive. Self-organization in Agile is focused towards creating collective value. In business organizations, the management function is vested with authority for enabling value creation. Managers have to skillfully use and delegate this vested authority to be effective. This session/ workshop is for practicing managers and executives who are managing agile teams. It will introduce them to a readily usable toolkit for fostering self-organization while retaining the right level of oversight.
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Outline/structure of the Session

1. Ice-breaker: Audience interaction on a number of real life situations and how managers might respond to those situations? 10 min 2. Introduction to the agile manager's style deck (aka the 10 Ninja techniques) and a simple spatio-temporal model for visualizing styles that can be adopted. 15 min 3. Table Activity to practice the Ninja toolkit in a number of real life scenarios 40 min 4. De-brief of table activity 15 min 5. Q&A 10 min

Learning Outcome

In this session/ workshop you will learn the following: As a Manager/ Executive, * What is the range of team management styles that can be adopted for agile teams? * What are the factors to be considered for adopting different team management styles? * How can you effectively support your team's journey towards true self-organization?

Target Audience

Managers, Team Leads, Executives

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  • Mahadevan L P
    By Mahadevan L P  ~  5 years ago
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    Hi TV and Ted, Many thanks for your response. I was unsuccessful in uploading the slides into the submission system, so have put them on slideshare at:

    I have blogged on the topic on our internal blog and conducted sessions at our company. I felt it might benefit the community as well. Sources of inspiration are many. As you can tell from the slides, situational leadership and Jurgen Appello's Management 3.0 have influenced me to a great extent in creating this toolkit and it is built on top of those. I believe that this offers a fuller spectrum of styles and incorporates a fun element for managers and executives to learn about them.

  • Ted Tencza
    By Ted Tencza  ~  5 years ago
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    Hi Mahadevan,

          As TV noted, it would be helpful to get more details about the content of your talk.  Are the 10 techniques your creation, or are you speaking about someone else's ideas that you implemented in your work place?  Can you share at least some of the techniques so we can evaluate them?



  • Tathagat Varma
    By Tathagat Varma  ~  5 years ago
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    Hi Mahadevan - can you share a deck or workshop material that you have done on this in the past? It will help review panel get a better understanding of your proposal.