Cycles of Development Applied to Teams

In her theory of cycles of development, Pam Levin talks about 7 stages a human being goes through from birth to becoming an adult. Each of these stages have unique requrements for any individual. The way the environment responds to the individual in each of these stages will determine how the individual will make sense of themselves with respect to their environment.

Interestingly an individual goes through these stages when they enter a new situation. This could be as simple as walking into a roomful of new people or when they join a new team, or an organisation. Each one has their own own pace. While this is very logical for an individual how is this related to Agile?

I have seen that teams also go through stages in their development. This is not just the forming, norming, storming and performing stages which is the internal process of a team. This is about the team being identified as an entity and being supported in their journey of becoming a high performing team. In understanding the cycles of development, we get some clues of what needs a team may have at different points in their journey to becoming self-organised.

I would like to discuss Dr.Pam Levin's model in the context of a team and propose do's and don'ts that can support the journey of a team

The seven stages:



Outline/Structure of the Talk



1. Set the Context of the personality theory and explain Pam Levin's model

2. Exercise for participants to identify their pattern so that they can relate

3. Propose the model as it applies to the individuals and teams in the context of an organisation

4. Do's and Don'ts that will help nurture teams to reach the level of maturity and become high performance teams

5. Feedback and wrap-up. Each of the above steps would take 10 minutes

Learning Outcome

Understand the development stages a person goes through from birth to becoming a person

Individuals get a chance to connect with themselves and discover how their sense of self emerges in different situations

Learn the use of developmental stages applied to teams to help nurture the individuals and teams they work with

Take back some do's and don'ts that will help them and others to work with each other

Target Audience

Coaches, Scrum Masters, Teams

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Public Feedback

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  • Vijayanand Nagaraj
    By Vijayanand Nagaraj  ~  6 years ago
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    Hi Prathitha,

    Your topic is interesting and I would be keen to learn about it. However, I want to know whether you have applied the Dr.Pam Levin's model in any of your agile teams or it is still a concept which is yet to applied?

    If already applied then it will be great if you can share practical experiences with the team.

    • Prathitha Gangadharan
      By Prathitha Gangadharan  ~  6 years ago
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      I have used this model during coaching to understand the development needs and facilitate them. Do I share the experience here? Shouldn't I share that in the presentation?

      • Ellen Grove
        By Ellen Grove  ~  6 years ago
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        Hi Pratitha

        As the proposal is currently written, it's not clear whether you're telling your story of applying the model or sharing Dr. Levin's story about the model.

        Feedback from previous Agile India conferences has told us that attendees are very enthusiastic about presentations based on real-life experiences (over those that are more theoretically inclined) and your proposal doesn't explicity indicate that you've used this in practice.  What would improve the proposal for me is being a bit more descriptive about how you've used the model and what you've learned in the course of applying it.  You don't need to give away the whole story, but give us some clues :)



        • Prathitha Gangadharan
          By Prathitha Gangadharan  ~  6 years ago
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          Hi Allen

          I intend to share how the model has been applied to facilitate the teams in their journey to deliver higher value. Sharing the model would be only to set the context and not the main part of the presentation.



  • Rahul Sawhney
    By Rahul Sawhney  ~  6 years ago
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    Hi Prathitha,
    Thanks for submitting the proposal. It gets me interested, and more details will definitely help. I am curious to know why you submitted the proposal under offshore distributed agile theme instead of agile lifecycle.. Other than the fact that your presentation is based on afshore development teams, is ther ean element of team distribution that comes into play which you want to highlight in the presentation? I suggest adding more details to process & outcome.. that will help me understand better.



    • Prathitha Gangadharan
      By Prathitha Gangadharan  ~  6 years ago
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      I thought I would lose the time window and did it in a hurry. Have updated the proposal.

    • Venkatraman L
      By Venkatraman L  ~  6 years ago
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      Seems like a good proposal for "Agile Lifecycle" though I think its applicable for any software development lifecycle. Can you elaborate a bit more on if this model talks and associates closely with the Agile Principles ? Can you help us understand a bit more on the applicability to "Agile" in specific.



      • Prathitha Gangadharan
        By Prathitha Gangadharan  ~  6 years ago
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        I wasn't proposing a life cycle for Agile. This is a model the describes development stages that anyone goes through from birth to being. I am relating this to the life of a team and proposing what we can do  at different stage of a team's life that will facilitate them to become high performing teams. This is human proces related technology that applies more to Agile than just any development life cycle where the focus is not on the team but how the management manages the team.

  • Raja Bavani
    By Raja Bavani  ~  6 years ago
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    Is this about offshore/distributed agile (or is this applicable to all teams)? If this is specific to offshore/disctributed agile please substantiate in your proposal.

    Also, pl look at this sample proposal and improve your proposal so that it can help reviewers and the program committee during evaluation.

    What is Pam Levin's model? What are the stages? Why is Pam Levin's model important in this context?  Each of these questions can be answered in one or two sentences in your proposal so that readers understand the significance. Pl update your proposal.





    • Prathitha Gangadharan
      By Prathitha Gangadharan  ~  6 years ago
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      I responded to your feedback by updating the proposal. Did not think of replying here. Thanks for your input.

  • Prathitha Gangadharan
    By Prathitha Gangadharan  ~  6 years ago
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    I have submitted details. I can add the detailed presentation on Dr.Pam Levin's model but I would be using that only to set the context.