location_city Bengaluru schedule Feb 26th 11:30 - Jan 1st 12:00 AM place Grand Ball Room

Ever wondered what it's like to experiment in Agile? Ever thought when you started to scale Agile, you would get it right first time? Ever thought Agile adoption is full of experiments? We did! This session explores real world learning and observations when attempting to mature organisations from single team project based Agile to a Scaled Agile framework.

This will be a fun and interactive session where will be using live experiments that highlight the purpose, result and our observations. Each experiment, as any Agilist would attest to, creates more unanswered questions, additional problems to solve and more opportunities to try out new hypotheses.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

We have run similar sessions (with great reviews) at:

We run live experiments on stage with audience participations and props that illustrate the observations that we have seen as we have helped organisations adopt agile at the Enterprise level. We talk about the premise that everything we do as we scale agile is an experiment.

In a 45 minute session we would expect to run 3 or 4 experiments.

We use limited slides, here is what we used at Agile Australia: http://www.agileaustralia.com.au/preso/Agile-Aus-2013-Day-2_Mike-Pollard-Simon-Reason.pdf

Learning Outcome

Just like us, you might not get it right first time, but you will be able to leave the room with real world observations whilst experimenting in Scaled Agile.

Discover the organisational dysfunctions that have surfaced from our experiments and how we go about tackling these problems. For example,

  • What results do we get in the Enterprise as we experiment in working closer with our customers?
  • What dysfunctions do we uncover as we run experiments to maximize outcome rather than delivery?
  • What impediments emerged as we ran experiments to deliver the highest value across the Enterprise?

Use our sharing as input into creating your own Scaled Agile Enterprise experiments.

And remember, no matter how simple and common sense your hypothesis is, be prepared to find multiple organisational impediments that you will have to address!

Target Audience

This session is targeted at those just about to, or those that are experimenting in scaling in Agile.

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Public Feedback

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  • Ellen Grove
    By Ellen Grove  ~  5 years ago
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    Thanks for posting your slides!

  • Archana Joshi
    By Archana Joshi  ~  6 years ago
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    Sounds an interesting way to present and engage the audience. You session mentions about live experiements. Could you provide further details on a sample experiment that you plan to conduct.

    • Simon Reason
      By Simon Reason  ~  6 years ago
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      Hi Archana,

      We find that the use of experiments on stage is definitely a fun way to illustrate the learnings and observations we have discovered as we have been Scaling Agile in the Enterprise. 

      Here's an example....

      Pot to Pot

      In this experiment we illustrate how the project budget causes a dysfunction to delivering value; the revenue obtained from a released feature tends to go to a different pot than the project's pot. 

      Our props include, balloons to represent investment and revenue, big boxes to represent the project and enterprise pots and a pair of safety glasses for a volunteer! We have the volunteer invest sprint by sprint by spending their investment balloons and allow them to make decisions on whether to release or build during a sprint. Either way, we find that the money in the project pot is never replenished.



  • Vivek Vijayan
    By Vivek Vijayan  ~  6 years ago
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    Hi Simon 

    Your proposal looks really very interesting with action on the stage! Can I request you to be slightly specific in the learning outcomes for the benefit of the audiance so that the takeaways is clear. Also the topic "enterprise experiement" may not really indicate what you are trying to comeup with. 



    • Simon Reason
      By Simon Reason  ~  6 years ago
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      Thanks for the feedback Vivek, we have updated the learning outcome section with examples. It would be great if you would give feedback on whether this addresses the takeaways better.

      As far as the title is concerned...

      The idea behind the title is that everything we change in the Enterprise when we Scale Agile is an experiment. We re-enforce this during the session by actually running experiments on the stage. We would hope that the title is intriguing enough for attendees to want to read more and attend the session!