This workshop has two goals - one is to show that there are other intelligences than IQ which is by far the most well known type of intelligence. The second goal is to create understanding for the CQ model and its application in distributed cross-cultural teams.

Many distributed cross-cultural teams work together without being aware how much their cultural backgrounds influence the work they do. Often times cultural differences is looked upon as a problem that create misunderstandings, which is also the case sometimes. In the CQ model we also look at cultural differences as an asset that can also create more creativity and that can be the building blocks for high performing teams. If you want this to happen you have to work with your team to get it to the level of high performance. Here, using CQ can help you.

This workshop consists of a presentation of CQ and its four elements (Drive, Knowledge, Strategy, Action). Moreover, this workshop will look at how CQ and High Performing Teams are correlated, and finally we will try to apply CQ to our own teams and see how it can be used there.


CQ is a reserach based model, that consists of the four CQ elements and an online 360 test that can be used for developing teams, for recruitment, for individual development, coaching etc.

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Outline/structure of the Session

1. What is CQ? (presentation and questions to the audience)

- The four CQ elements: Drive, Knowledge, Strategy, Action

2. CQ and High performance

What is the correlation between cross-cultural differences and high performing teams?

3. How can you use CQ?

- Practical application of CQ in your case


Learning Outcome

Understanding of the CQ model and the four elements

Understanding of how Cultural Differences and CQ can be a positive asset for a team

Practical implementation of CQ in your teams

Target Audience

Team members/project managers in distributed cross-cultural teams

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  • Sudipta Lahiri
    By Sudipta Lahiri  ~  5 years ago
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    I am quite interested in your topic but would like to know more.

    Any leads to where you have conducted this workshop before...?




  • Pavel Dabrytski
    By Pavel Dabrytski  ~  5 years ago
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    in order for us to assess your submittion we would more details on how you would spend these 90 minutes with the audience. Perhaps a detailed breakdown would help.

    Also do you plan any interactions with the audience. If yes, could you share them with us. If no, based on my experience, it is difficult to keep audience focused for more than 45 minutes.

    tip: it is better to edit the proposal itself instead of putting info into comment replies. This way we can save reviwers time.

    Thank you very much for submitting you proposal to Agile India!

    Regards. Pavel.

  • Ravi Kumar
    By Ravi Kumar  ~  5 years ago
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    Hi Line Mark,


    Thanks for sumitting your proposal


    Understanding the cultural aspects is critical in distributed teams but this topic sounds too generic for me. The audience would be interested to hear how the understanding and implementing CQ model will help agile teams in implementing agile practices when working in distributed teams across different cultures.


    Best regards,