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  • Michael O'Reilly
    Michael O'Reilly
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    Test Requirement Driven Development(TREDD) places a renewed emphasis on quality and accountability, and provides the insight to allow your product development and management teams to make the necessary changes in order to produce outstanding quality products on schedule, in a cost-efficient and highly collaborative manner.

    What separates TREDD from other development methodologies like TDD (test driven development), ATDD (acceptance test drive development), or BDD (behavior driven development), is the status of the test requirement when the product development lifecycle concludes.

    Test Requirement status is the breakthrough element that allows test requirement to provide an objective measurement to the quality of the product development team, so that adjustments can be made for subsequent product development iterations that will ensure quality improves, as well as increase the effectiveness of the product development team.

    Come and learn how your TREDD will catalyze your SCRUM team toward greater capabilities, quality, accountability, and satisfaction!