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    Scale up Agile - Cheers to complex, systems integration mega - projects!

    Amoli Upadhye
    Amoli Upadhye
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    Experience Report

    Large systems integration projects form a large majority in typical corporate IT departments. With growing agile methodology adoption and its proven success rate in small / mid – sized projects there is a strong interest in case studies where teams have scaled Agile for XL size project execution

    Such large integration projects warrant natural complexities and teams rely on scaling existing agile practices to be able to up their game. As these projects are high risk / high value candidates, it is critical that project teams deliver them smoothly while rallying various stakeholders involved.

    This session would describe how agile principles can be elastic enough to help teams achieve just that!

    It describes exactly which agile principles have helped me (more than others) to influence my Product Owner-ship on my big, fat COTS application product tied to many upstream / downstream systems and even more stakeholders