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    Driving Continuous Improvement for Excellence through Lean Agile

    Rituparna Ghosh
    Rituparna Ghosh
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    Experience Report

    Despite being a CMMI Level 5 company, in the early 2000 business exigencies prompted Wipro to look towards a sustainable continuous improvement drive.  Wipro started it Lean-Agile transformation initiative way back in 2004-05. In the initial days, the euphoria of a new subject helped in the adoption. The evangelists came from the ranks and their success stories helped us in broadbasing the initiative. In the past decade or so the organization has grown 5 fold – not to mention the increase in the complexity of operations. The early adopters and evangelists too were not in a position to take ahead the journey. They often took up different roles either within the organization or externally. Knowledge became tribal in nature without there being a continuous cycle for continuous improvement. 

    This is a live case study of how the organization took ahead the transformation initiative and breathed fresh life into it, in an environment which was much more challenging. We built a cadence of Continuous Improvement by

    1. Adopting a SuHaRi model of Inform-Perform-Transform  
    2. Aligning the roles and responsibilities to aid Continuous Improvement
    3. Building a rewards and recognition programme for increased participation
    4. Involving Senior leadership to drive the cultural change by aligning policies and principles
    5. Measuring engagement and effectiveness – not only in terms of measurable metrics, but also in terms of intangible benefits