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    Mr.Agile Leader - “ Develop People or Solutions”

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    Based on my experience of coaching/ training agile teams for 5 years, one of the important reasons for agile teams are impacted, is the personal leadership style of Agile Leaders(Scrum Master, Senior Managers etc) . I have summarized following, factors or impediments for creating effective agile teams

    • The agile teams effectiveness depends on personal leadership style of agile leaders(Scrum Masters, Senior Management etc)
    • Often Agile leaders focus more on “delivering solutions” than “developing people”.
    • Agile leader need not specify work requirements, all that team needs is - empowerment, autonomy to work.
    • The agile team needs more support through mentoring, coaching from agile leaders to exhibit the culture “Being Agile” than “Doing Agile”.
    • Agile leaders need not be an Expert to coach agile teams.
    • Agile teams needs to be taught on Identifying Problem, Problem solving skills and corrective actions and demonstrate steady, small and continuous improvement.


    My inspiration to write here, is derived from the book “ Managing Excellence” by David Bradford and Allan Cohen, and reading blogs, articles along with my own experience.


    The entire presentation will be done in “Pecha Kucha Style” with less words and more background pictures, in each slide. The most of the message is conveyed through pictures. The presenter will talk maximum 30 secs on each slide. The slides keep changing automatically after 30 secs, so that presenter continues the discussion in the next slide automatically

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