• Krishnan Nair
    Krishnan Nair
    KK Sure
    KK Sure
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    45 mins

    We've come far in our journey of Agile as a software development methodology. From stand-ups to showcases to sprint planning meetings to burn-ups (or downs), we've got it down pat when it comes to processes to follow to be considered Agile. However this heads-down, process defined agile, often hinders real agility required to meet business needs. Is doing a three hour sprint planning meeting every week the most important thing to do when you have to get a minimal-viable-product out in the market? How much of automated functional testing should you do when you know that your product's beta version is only going to validate assumptions of your business idea? Should you write tests at all? There is no formulaic answer.

    In this talk, KK and Krishnan will talk about their experience of how much Agile is too much Agile. We look at how to find the right balance between following agile practices and being responsive to your business. How much agile is too much and how less is too less?

    We will do this by looking at:

    • A couple of successful agile adoption stories
    • Look at why agile was successful in the contexts above
    • Discuss why this success will limit us if we are not careful
    • Talk about a start-up and how the things that led to success in the first 2 stories limited us in the start-up context
    • Look at approaches to understand what agile practices/processes to follow to be business agile
    • Close by summarizing the challenges facing agile (as we see it) and how success in process agility will limit us in business agility
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