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    Tales of (not so) successful Dev-Ops

    Asheesh Mehdiratta
    Asheesh Mehdiratta
    Debbie Wren
    Debbie Wren
    schedule 2 years ago
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    20 mins
    Experience Report

    Welcome to the crazy world of Dev-Ops, where the tales span the spectrum from gruesome, grizzly to the heavenly and flowery bliss!

    The silo’d structures, the agonizing buy v/s build debates, the departmental handoffs, tooling and of course the cultural barriers, which all add fuel to the story unfolding in our brave new dev-ops world. But sometimes there are silver linings and the heavens part way for the shining stars to reveal their true glory.

    Join our session to listen to the tales of our (not so) successful dev-ops, and learn the lessons from our experiences.

  • Dipesh Pala
    Dipesh Pala
    schedule 2 years ago
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    45 mins

    What could be more important for leaders than increasing their teams’ productivity? Conventional thinking would rank “increased motivation” as one of the most important tools for increasing productivity of teams.

       Motivation --> increases Progress --> increases Productivity

    This interactive session will disrupt and challenge the above notion, and will provide an alternative view:

       Progress --> increases Motivation --> increases Productivity

    Dipesh will be drawing upon more than a decade of research including 26 project teams, 7 companies and a deep analysis of nearly 12,000 daily diaries kept by team members, and use real case studies and examples to illustrate the following key elements:

       Catalysts – events and actions that help a team move forward

       Inhibitors – events and actions that can induce setbacks

       Nourishers – interpersonal interactions that lift team’s spirits

       Toxins – interpersonal interactions that undermine team’s spirits

    Awareness of the above principle is important and may sound simple; however turning the awareness of these elements into the inner workings of our daily routine takes discipline. With that in mind, all attendees will be given 'The Progress Enablement Checklist' that will assist them in making such behaviours habitual.

    If you are a leader or an aspiring leader of an Agile team, this session will provide clear implications for where to focus your efforts so that you do not worry about the wrong things. You will be inspired by knowing what serves to catalyse and nourish progress – and what does the opposite.

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