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    MicroServices: Let's Build Some!

    Fred George
    Fred George
    schedule 2 years ago
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    480 mins

    It is one thing to talk about MicroServices. It is another altogether to have to build them.

    After a brief introduction of MicroService principles, we will watch an animation of a MicroService environment. We will start with a pre-built skeleton microservice environment (message bus plus a couple of RESTful services running against it). We will then design and implement additional services to broaden the overall functionality. These additional services can be written in any language that will run on the participants laptop. While pairing is strongly encouraged, it is not required.

    In the final stage, different pairs will implement different services, yet they will all run together implementing the animation.

    We wrap up with the participants making observations on what they learned (and how it may be different from MicroServices they are currently implementing, if any).

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