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    Don't test your code!

    Gautam Rege
    Gautam Rege
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    Testing is overated. Let's correct that statement - "Manual Testing is overrated". In this this talk, I plan to take you on whirlwind tour of why an Agile outfit does not need manual testing at all and how to get fantastic Quality Assurance without manual testing.

    In this talk - I outline a agile process with a difference - everyone is a developer and a tester. However, there is no dedicated QA people. In fact, this process does not require anyone other than the developers and one process/product owner.

    Development using a central repository like Github that is integrated with a Continuous Integration service (like Travis, CircleCI or Semaphore) and further integrated with a Code Quality checker like Code Climate or Pull Review is part of the automation trick. Then comes the development processes like pull request between branches (enabling peer code review) and Automated Deployment to a staging server.

    Finally, the pixel perfection or meeting product specificaiton via Project Management tools (which are integrated with the Code repository) gives the product owner (or the client) complete confidence in not just the functionality but also the quality of the code. 

    This approach can be applied to evolving products too and I discuss how to work in short sprints that always keep changing and guarantee that "The product owner gets the money's worth and the development team gets their works worth!".


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