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    Congratulations! You are our startup's first Scrum Master! What's next?

    Vivek Ganesan
    Vivek Ganesan
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    Do you fancy playing the first Scrum Master of a startup?

    Do you want to live the challenges faced by the first Scrum Master of a startup?  Do you feel that your organization is dramatically different from the 'ideal' organizations, which the Agile workshops project as a basic requirement for doing Agile development?  Do you wish to deliver predictable results while your management is on-the-way to make your organization 'Agile-ready'?  This tutorial is just what you want.

    In this tutorial, you will experience the life of a first Scrum Master of a twenty member startup, which has expansion plans.  Each of the audience will put themselves in the Scrum Master's shoes and try to solve the challenges posed by the ever-changing environment, while the company's management is putting its best efforts to make the organization 'Agile-ready'.  In this interactive tutorial, a gripping story-line will drag you into the world of uncertainties where you would be challenged to take life-changing decisions regarding your product team's daily work.

    Even if you are not in a startup, this tutorial would benefit you because everyone still comes across ad-hoc situations which go against the ideal expectations of Agile world.

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