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    10 times better quality with agile transformation. How we did it!!!

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    Mikael Lundquist
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    In 2011 the Ladok section at ITS had serious quality issues, resulting in dissatisfied customers. At the beginning of 2012 the section started an agile transformation, in steps, throughout the whole section. One year later the whole section had transformed and currently the section now eats, sleeps and breathes Agile. The quality has improved remarkably and our customers are understandably much more satisfied. Besides satisfied customers, our employees are happier.

    The ideas to try agile came from the people working in the project and we think that was an important factor for the success.

    We are going to talk about our experiences of this transformation and how the transformation contributed to the remarkable increase of the quality. The talk will cover the background, our roadmap, the result of the transformation and the factors of success.

    We have identified two key factors of our success that we will promote a little extra during our talk.


    Presentation technique

    We are going to perform this presentation in an agile way, in the way we interpret scrum. This means that we are going to interact with the audience and we expect them to influence our presentation.

    The point is to not just talk of how we did, but also show it on stage. We also think that this is a good way for the audience to really get the most out of the presentation.


    We want you to prioritize the presentation parts

    We consider the different parts of the presentation as the presentation backlog. We want the audience to prioritize the parts of our presentation, in advance. Prioritize here.


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