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    Mobile to Mainframe: Application Development and DevOps in the Application Economy

    Ravindra Chebiyam
    Ravindra Chebiyam
    Serajul Arfeen
    Serajul Arfeen
    schedule 2 years ago
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    20 mins

    Agile delivery at the speed of business requires a seamless integration of Application Development, Delivery, and Operations.

    We would like to present a fresh perspective of DevOps initiative and how it integrates with agile based development of mobile and web based applications.

    In today's world of Application Economy, enterprises are rapidly developing mobile and web applications to stay competitive.

    In this process, they are required to interact with the backend "system of record".

    Large enterprises utilize mainframe at the heart of the dynamic data center as backend system of record.

    This integration of agile-based mobile app development dependent on mission-critical mainframe-based operations is driving the importance of DevOps initiatives within the application development organizations.

  • Zee
    schedule 2 years ago
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    480 mins

    Roll Your Own Platform as a Service (PaaS) with Docker

    You're convinced you need to run your own platform as a service (PaaS) . You’ve told your company that in order to save cash and comply with regulations for your sector (HIPAA etc), deploying a virtual, private platform on infrastructure you control is the way to go.

    This workshop prepares us to build our own PaaS from scratch and deploy loosely-coupled applications with Docker.  We will learn how to:

    • Assemble a PaaS from the ground up
    • Create golden images for running Docker containers.
    • Package up a complex application(s) into a Docker image
    • Release the Docker image
    • Deploy Docker containers to multiple hosts with Ansible
    • Run and monitor Docker containers with Systemd
    • Use Consul for service discovery, configuration and health monitoring
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