As agile practitioners, we’ve learned to love highly cohesive, cross-functional on-site teams. These teams, much like monolithic applications; succeed due to the proximity of useful knowledge. Distributed, asynchronous teams must rely on different strategies and tactics in order to be effective while still adhering to the principles laid out in the Agile manifesto. 

This talk is an experience report from working for the past two years on a variety of distributed, synchronous and asynchronous agile software delivery teams.


Outline/structure of the Session

The main concepts will be:

* What is awesome about non-distributed, synchronous teams.

* What is awesome about distributed, synchronous teams.

* Review the agile manifesto

* Silent retrospectives: Why and How to facilitate them.

* Pairing + Mobbing + Code-reviews: Why and how to keep them positive and constructive.

* Creating value alignment: Keeping distributed teams eyes on the prize

* Distributed Demos: Creating opportunities for product feedback.

Learning Outcome

  • How to leverage low-overhead, distributed-team friendly tools for tracking WIP
  • Patterns for distributed retrospectives and planning meetings.
  • Ways to build cohesion around product vision and implementation despite being scattered across the globe and timezones.
  • How to adapt your software “architecture” to support distributed asynchronous teams.

Target Audience

It's for the whole team. So, product managers, project managers, programmers, testers, designers, etc.


Just a regular old talk. Ideally an adapter for my lightning to the vga/dvi or what not.

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