Scaling Agile is a Challenge! We have multiple teams, multiple geographies, timezones and Cultures. Every Organization has it ways of implementing agile.

Here is an experience based case study of some of our projects at Brillio and based on them identification of  patterns and antipatterns for a scaled agile implementation.

Usually when organizations form distributed teams few considerations of different cultures and geographies are overlooked which results in discord among the teams and lead to sub-optimal results. When these symptoms are identified and proper corrections are made through structural and cultural changes and coaching the teams can experience a strong cohesion and become high performing teams!!


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

The Talk covers following:

1. Challenges of Agile Scaling

2. Patterns and Antipatterns

3. Recommendations and resolutions for some of the key challenges

4. Experience sharing of what works what does not work

Learning Outcome

Following would be the Learning outcome from this presentation

1. Understanding of good practices for scaling agile

2.  Appreciate the patterns and anti-patterns in succesful implementation

3. Understand few resolution techniques

Target Audience

Scrum master, Project managers, Agile Coach, Program managers and any Agile enthusiasts

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