Most ancient knowledge got passed across generations through stories.  Most great teachers – both ancient and contemporary, pass timeless truths through stories. It is part of our eastern culture and especially Indian as well.

Holistic learning happens at multiple levels – Principle level, concept level and practice level.  Principle gives the meaning as to why we are doing something.  Concept levels shows as to what is the theory or rather what it is all about.  Practice is about how to. 

If a learner is excited about the why of it, curiosity will drive to find the what and how of it.  Converse isn't always true.  This session will target how story telling can help propel learning and adoption of agile better..



Outline/Structure of the Tutorial


Concepts to note in story telling

An group exercise (topic would be give. audience would identify a story and tell in 3 minutes)


Learning Outcome

Appreciate story telling to drive home principles

Understanding few basic concepts behind story telling

Ability to frame a story

Target Audience

scrum masters, coaches, trainers

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