CMMI with Agile - Can they really coexist?

There are innumerous attempts to map CMMI with Agile or viceversa. Popular belief is Agile maps to Level 3 of CMMI. Is that really true?  Would that mean agile doesn't drive large scale sustainable improvement that Level 4/5 provides?  Would these exercises of mapping take us anywhere? This talk will try to touch on the basic tenets of CMMI and show what is possible and the what is not..

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Outline/structure of the Session

Popular assumptions about CMMI

How is CMMI indeed structured and the philosophy behind it - what can be mapped and what cannot be..

What options exist for someone who needs to make them coexist

Learning Outcome

Appreciation of philosophy behind CMMI and Understanding the rigidity of CMMI philosphy

Possibilities for people facing this phenomenon

Target Audience

Agile practitioners, Quality assurance specialists..

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