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Every organization has it's own set of issues in scaling agile and there is no one size fits all models/framework. By far there are lot of framework like SAFe and supporting tools available to help scale agile. This presentation is more of an experience report on my journey with Agile and Scrum adoption program with an Internet company in consumer space and the kind of challenges around it and the ways those were dealt. I would be focusing more on the AMM (Agile Matruity Model) that I worked upon internally and the various stages/phases with in them which helped the Agile/Scrum teams to understand how well the progress is with them in agile adoption across the organization and what value in each phase it brings into the team and back to organization. I would describe the need for a model to be developed and what it is all about during the presentation. 

What to look or would be unique (I guess) in this talk would be the simplicity of the model and solving a complex problem. Simplicity in a way is to believe this model would be generic and most of the organizations would be able to relate to the real world problems while scaling agile.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

Roadmap to Agility

Program Structure

KPI's & Dashboard

Scaling Agile - Yahoo Case study.




Learning Outcome

Good framework for scaling agile.

Target Audience

agile practitioner and agile evangelist

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