Centralized development resources are commonplace in many of the late adopter organizations that struggle with Agile transformations.  These centralized development resources tend to be doubly damming on the organization trying to become Agile: they lead to project thinking and management (rather than product thinking and leadership), and they lead to small incremental product development optimizations (rather than broad scale new and disruptive product breakouts).

This session focuses on the mechanics of a portfolio management technique intended to guide the organization into the use of Lean Startup thinking to challenge Product Managers with, paired with the right type of fiscal rigor to make CFOs happy.  Examples of how a Lean Startup Business Model Canvas can be paired with lightweight cost projections and revenue forecasts will be presented, with encouragement for organizations to specialize the artifact to suit their particular needs. 


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Framing the problems (5 minutes)
  • Disucss how too many organizations approach Portfolio Management and why the approaches are so poor in an Agile software development environment (10 minutes)
  • Explain concepts that allow a Lean approach to Portfolio Management and specifics as to how to employ these in a process that works (25 minutes)
  • Closing remarks (5 minutes)

Learning Outcome

  • An understanding of why Portfolio Management is important to an organization
  • An appreciation of what things we typically do poorly at
  • An appreciation of what your organization should be considering when strategically planning 
  • A realization that Lean Startup Thinking can find a home in the mindset that guides the realization of product visions and specific advice in practices to reinforce that

Target Audience

Project Management, Portfolio Management, Product Owners, Senior Leadership

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