End to End Development Agility through DevOps in a Hybrid Environment

In today’s complex business world, customers are averse to “vendor-lock in”. Enterprises, either by choice, or by circumstances, are choosing a hybrid model of IT solution. That means certain workloads may reside on-premise, be it traditional or virtualized, some workloads maybe in a vendor data center, such as IBM’s Softlayer, other services may reside in a third-party cloud. This session depicts a real use case of a fortune 100 company’s IT transformation from being totally traditional, to moving into a complex hybrid cloud environment, and enabling end to end integrated DevOps solution to gain the full benefits of the cloud model. Some best practices, lessons learned, architecture and other topics will be covered during this session.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

- Customer story context

- End to end Agile value proposition

- Hybrid solutioning

- Lessons learned/Best practices

Learning Outcome

- Implementing DevOps for an enterprise transformation

- Understanding enterprise complexities during transformation

- Reality of hybrid world

- Design through DevOps

Target Audience

Executives, Architects, Project Managers

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    Thanks for the proposal Sunil. Request you to please update your proposal with links to slides and videos from past presentations. Without these the committee would not be in a position to select the proposal.