As Agile Practitioner, We agree that Learning agile is not same as Practicing Agile. Enthusiastic Organizations and Teams keep all their energies and money in learning about Agile frame works. Few of them were successful in implementing the agile practices. One of the key reasons behind the success is many of the first time Agile practicing teams attend the workshops/trainings from Experts. Experts share the wisdom (along with the concepts/theory). This wisdom/learning help the teams to convince all the stake holders (other than agile teams) and execute the first/initial agile projects successfully. This success motivates the organization to scale up agile. Scaling Agile needs adding more teams. Organizations focus on investing advanced tools/softwares. Teams involved in initial/first agile projects adapt themselves to scale up to the new change/challenges. To Scale up the Organization to Agile, every person/group promotion agile or involved in initial/first agile projects should act as Agile Evangelist.

"Learn & Teach Agile Easy way" is a simple and easy to understand kit that helps them conduct sessions such as

  • Quick start/Induction to Product Owner
  • Quick start/Induction to Scrum Master
  • Quick start/Induction to Team
  • Awareness on Agile Concepts to Quality Assurance team
  • Awareness on Agile Concepts to PMO Teams
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Outline/structure of the Session

"Learn & Teach Agile Easy way" covers basic agile terminologies in simple to understand (general life examples)

  • 4 Hands on Exercises to explain Agile Manifesto/Principles & have Agile Mindset
  • Explaining Basic Agile glossary terms (Product Backlog/Prioritization (MoSCoW)/Splitting Requirements (Vertical Slicing)/Definition of Done)
  • Sprint Life Cycle
  • Roles of Scrum (Product Owner/Scrum Master/Team) with mind map (image format)

Learning Outcome

"Learn & Teach Agile Easy way" provides participants knowledge/ability to conduct awareness/training on Agile

  • Easy to Explain examples (from general life)
  • Mind Maps (Roles of Agile)
  • Improved Agile knowledge

Target Audience

Team, Product Owner, Scrum Master, Project Manager, Training Head, PMO Team

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  • Naresh Jain
    By Naresh Jain  ~  3 years ago
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    Thanks for the proposal Sivaram. Request you to please update your proposal with links to slides and videos from past presentations. Without these the committee would not be in a position to select the proposal.

    • Sivaram Athmakuri
      By Sivaram Athmakuri  ~  3 years ago
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      Dear Naresh

      Below are URL PPTs of earlier programs

      Thinking & Customizing Agile

      Baby steps for becoming Agile


      Sivaram Athmakuri

      Note : Please call me at my mobile or provide your contact details. I will share the videos of few Trainings conducted by me. I can't share them in public domain (due to privacy/copy right issues)