Are Retrospectives Fun and Useful in your team?

Have you heard people say…

   -  “Oh No, Not Again!”

   -  Do we really need to meet?

   -  I have some pending stuff from previous sprint

                                                          -  We anyway did not act on the previous Retro. Its a waste.

So, while all other ceremonies go well and are embraced well, what is the issue with Retros?


The Problem:

a)      Three Standard Questions (same perspective over and over)

b)      Very less actions taken on the action items

c)      No change in focus or purpose

d)      Awareness issue on what a Retro should be like

e)      Awareness issue on who all should participate

f)       Awareness issue on how to create the right environment under various conditions


The Result: Retros tend to become boring and useless, and become a formality dreaded by many teams.


So, how do you BREATHE LIFE into your Retros?

You will Learn (with HANDS ON activities), some of the Techniques that we have TRIED and TESTED over the years, which makes the retros fun and really useful!!!


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

-          (3 mins)   - Discuss with the audience about the Problems & explain the session Objective

-          (17 mins) – A Hands on activity (of a Very good  &  Fun-filled Retro Technique)

                                       (to show that Alternate techniques are GREAT)

-          (10 mins) – Explain the Interesting and Simple Techniques    &    How they will help you.

-          (5 Mins) –    When do you use which Technique?

-          (10 mins) –  How do you create the right environment for a Retro?

-                              -   Who all should participate?

-                              -   Mitigation, if the environment is not right.

                               -   Some Pitfalls & how do you avoid them.

                               -   How do you decide between Open & Anonymous Retros

-          (15 mins) – A Hands on Activity (of another good technique)

Learning Outcome

-          Learn to conduct Interesting, Fun-filled and Simple techniques of Retros (tried and tested by us over the years)

-          Learn when you should use which technique (change the focus based on the phase/situation of the project or team )

-          Learn to create the right environment

-          Learn to decide on Open vs. Anonymous retros

-          Learn important elements that enable a retro to be really successful in difficult team environments

-          Learn about the pitfalls and understand how to avoid them

-          Apply in your team and make your life easy by conducting Successful Retros!   Applying them will spur more ideas!

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Agile Team members, Managers/Leads

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