Agile has proven very successful at the team level, but most organizations find it very challenging to scale agile tools and principles to the enterprise level.


in this keynote will discuss the Agile manifesto's values and principles and ask ourselves if and how they scale.


I would like to tell the story of some of my experiences in scaling agile in multiple companies, both good and bad, and what I've learned about appying Agile at Scale.

I will finish by discussing why SAFe can be a good option for scaling Agile, examine it in the light of the Agile Manifesto and talk a bit about how it approachs scaling Agile priciples and tools.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

I will start by discussing if we scale the Agile Manifesto and how

I will tell about my experience in scaling agility what worked and what didn't.

I will discuss SAFe as a starting template for enterprise Agility and examine it in the light of a scaled Agile Manifesto.

Learning Outcome

  • Why Agile has been having trouble at Scale
  • Can we sclae the Manifesto and How
  • What is SAFe
  • Why and when is SAFe needed
  • How we can use SAFe to scale Agile beyond the team level

Target Audience

Agile Coaches, Team Leaders, Executives, Program and project Managers

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Public Feedback

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  • Doc Norton
    By Doc Norton  ~  5 years ago
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    I think the really interesting bit here (and less of a SAFe overview) is the story of what you tried and how you came to choose SAFe. What are your thoughts on making this an experience report, focused on that story?

    - Doc


  • Tathagat Varma
    By Tathagat Varma  ~  5 years ago
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    Inbar - in the video you have shared, there is a fair amount of introduction to SAFe before the discussion on some of the actual / real-world expereinces is discussed. In Agile India, we have had SAFe talks before, so I was wondering if you see the opportunity to focus on real-life experiences?


  • Joel Tosi
    By Joel Tosi  ~  5 years ago
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    Hi Inbar,

        As a keynote - why should we be talking about 'why to use a framework'?  I'm struggling mightily with this.  A keynote should set the tone for a conference - be inspirational, thought provoking, get questions going.  Describing a framework - I don't see how that fits a keynote.  Help me see otherwise.



    • Inbar Oren
      By Inbar Oren  ~  5 years ago
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      Hi Joel,


      Thanks for the great question, which helped me change my proposal.


      The conference has two parts and one of them is scaling Agile. The session is not "a why use a framework", but a "how to scale Agile". I walk through my experience in Scaling Agile with varying degrees of success, and why I arrived at SAFe. I think that this can set the tone for many of the following talks on Agility as it will raise many questions about why we're having trouble scaling Agile and what can and cannot scale.

      I updated the talk description, based on my recent Agile Tour London talk, which talks about the Agile manifesto's values and principles and asks if they scale and if so how do we fit them in the enterprise. Then asks how these values and principles fit inside the SAFe.

       Thanks again for the valuable comment,