"Continuous Everything" Workshop: Quickly identify your DevOps weaknesses and identify stategies for improvement

Are you thinking about adopting DevOps practices and wondering where to start? Are you wondering which DevOps practices will have the greatest impact on your project success in the short term? The IBM Software Group DevOps Center of Competency has developed a workshop which can help you (a) identify the 3 most critical weaknesses in your ability to deliver rapidly and/or operate effectively; and (b) identify 3 low-cost strategies which address those weaknesses. The workshop helps participants to reflect on their entire delivery lifecycle as well as their operational capabilities, and leverages a body of content that has been used with many project teams inside and outside of IBM.


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Outline/structure of the Session

The workshop takes about 1 hour and can accommodate many teams concurrently. The workshop is most effective when there are 3 or more participants from each team, so we encourage participants to attend with their co-workers.

Learning Outcome

Attendees will learn which problems/weaknesses are introducing the greatest risk to their project's success. And they will learn what are the 3 lowest-cost strategies to address those problems

Target Audience

Any and all roles involved in planning, design, and engineering (dev/test/operations)

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  • Joel Tosi
    By Joel Tosi  ~  4 years ago
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    Hi David,

        I am not getting much from your description - just people identify 3 things and help them get moving on changing it.  Can you provide some examples?  Have you done this workshop before?  If so, what were some of the sample outcomes there?

    In general, we need a lot more information on this.



    • David Leigh
      By David Leigh  ~  4 years ago
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      Hi Joel,


      The workshop begins by asking each team to do a value stream mapping activity, mapping each of the steps in their development and delivery lifecycle and identifying the amound of time they spend in each activity and in the transitions between activities.   Then we share with each team a set of 40+ common problems we have collected and documented based on our experience helping teams, and we ask the team to do a prioritization activity to pick the 3-4 top problems based on their value stream.   After this, we share with each team the set of practices that we have collected for each of the common problems and we ask them to vote on the most practices most feasible for them to adopt from among the practices that relate to their top problems.    At the end, they will have identified the practicies most likely to impact their area of greatest waste.

      Yes, we have done this workshop with about 25 teams so far, and we have received very positive feedback on the approach.

      Hope this helps.. I'm happy to provide more details as needed.