From Buzz to Reality: Online bank from scratch in 5 months

I want to share a great story of building an online bank (with all its complexity of integration with backend systems and security) in an environment, not quite used to online banking at all.

Being an Estonian, this project invoved traveling and spending some weeks in Russia, the country of the customer, to get a better understanding of all financial, business and software development peculiarities.

This is a story of overccoming all the obstacles and solving all business and technical problems in just five months from the very start to a final launch. Believe me, this wouldn't be possible without relying heavily on Agile practices, both technical and organizational, and convincing everybody involved that this is the only way to go. A success story.

The talk is partially based on the following article:


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

It will be fun

Learning Outcome

Using Agile ideas is essential to launch ambitious projects in relatively short amount of time. However, a more deep understanding of practices and their goals is needed in order to pick the right ones and be able to sell the ideas to eeveryone involved. Agile by the book is probably not what you want.

Target Audience


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  • Joel Tosi
    By Joel Tosi  ~  5 years ago
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    Hi Anton,

        While I appreciate the brevity in the structure and outcomes, there really isn't anything concrete there for me to determine if your session would help me or not.  Could you please provide more details in both areas.  What could I apply the following week after seeing your session?  How would you help me learn that?



    • Doc Norton
      By Doc Norton  ~  5 years ago
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      I second Joel's comments. Please provide some more details around the structure of the presentation. I watched about half of your vimeo video and I think a lot of the material up frontaround agile lessons learned will not be new to this audience. Maybe you can shorten that part and spend more time on the specifics of the engagement, how you learned over time, and what others could learn from your experience.


  • Liked Pooja Uppalapati

    Pooja Uppalapati / Ravindra Chebiyam - Scaling Agile in a Mainframe Product Development Organization

    20 Mins
    Experience Report

    Agile transformation in any organization will go through myriad of challenges that involves people, existing organization culture, technology/domain etc. Instead of seeing these challenges as obstacles, if you view them as opportunities to grow and improve, transformation will be more impactful and long-lasting. If neglected, the very same obstacles would severely damage the motivation and trust of employees.

    In this experience report we would like to walk you through the agile transformation journey in a Mainframe product development enterprise by unraveling the challenges and the remediation steps that has helped us in keeping this journey alive. Specifically we would like to touch upon 

    1. Self-organizing teams
      • Resistance to change
      • Culture shift
    2. HR
      • Lack of role clarity and
      • Effective R&R in agile space
    3. Agile Engineering Practices adopted in Mainframe product development
      • Unit test automation
      • Continuous Integration

    Along the presentation we’ll highlight few anti-patterns and the effects of ignoring them.

  • Liked Manoj K. Agarwal

    Manoj K. Agarwal / Serajul Arfeen - From Management to Leadership : Experience report from an enterprise Agile journey !

    45 Mins

    With most of the Agile enterprise transformation, the focus has always been on the engineering teams. However one of the most important functions, mid-level managers who supposed to enable this transformation are themselves left out of this journey in many cases.


    We are going to analyze the impact of such a case where mid-level management don't buy in the idea of agile transformation and withdraw silently. We know that visible resistance is sign of change which exposes the real ground problems people are facing during change, but when individuals don't buy in the change and don't resist also it become very dangerous. Such situations can kill entire transformation as slow poison.


    The typical traditional management mindset is where managers focus on actions to get the results. This attitude should be transformed where leaders should empower and believe in the team to get the results. Our presentation will be focused on how can we shift from traditional management mindset towards leadership.


    The part of the session will be interactive where we will engage the audience seeking their inputs and categorizing them to arrive at our theme.