Cultural Transformation: Transitioning from Plan Driven to Value Driven Delivery

Today’s Organization need rapid development and delivery of the product to satisfy the customer need and capture the market share. Organization aims at shorter lead times to gain a first-move advantage and to fulfill the current needs of the customer.

To increase the chances of a successful product, organizations must become value driven; that is, they must deliver products and services to the consumers they value the most, and they must provide those deliverables when their consumers want them.

Plan driven approach has its own place in the industry but Value driven is more meaningful and appropriate most of the circumstance where high requirement volatility.

It need mindset change from Plan driven methodology to Value driven delivery approach, it is a cultural change, complete thought process change.

Plan driven approach comes with heavy weight process which slows down the speed of execution.

Speed is require for survival and as well value which customer is asking for.

Mostly when customers start interacting with products they love, good things can happen.

World is changing rapidly so plan driven does not provide value most of the time to customer. In Information technology projects changes are rapid so plan driven is not sustainable for organization. Value driven is based on customer need, market need and more adaptable, agile in nature, where success rate is very high. Organizational transformation is a multiple dimensional improvement, this paper will demonstrate the why and how part and need for a shift in underlying culture changes. Some of the information not supposed to disclose so information shared as very generic way.


We are doing several initiative in our corporate research lab in Finland, Switzerlan, India and USA for last couple of years especially in Industrial Automation software product development .I have written several papers from our research finding,  I have shared few as a link,


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Value : (15 Mins)

          a) Value Driven Delivery Model, what is it?

          b) Value Metrics

          c) Value Generation steps

          d) Means of Capturing the value

Challenges(10 mins):

         e) Aspects of Plan Driven Model

         f) Issue with plan driven model

         g) Cultural difference between in plan driven and self driven

Improvements:(10 Mins)

        h) How to improve the situation(Contribution of Trust , Ownership, Leadership,Mindset)

        i) Cultural checklist assessment

Learning Outcome

Learning from our mistake, A real case study how ABB corporate resarch divisions deployed distributed agile practice( Finland, Switzerland, USA and India) to develop Industrial Automation products.

How we have taken several initiative to transform the organization

Team has taken several initiatives to transform the cultural changes and Value based work model.

  • Effective Product Backlog grooming and communication
  • Automated Minimum meaningful Metrics collection
  • Lean waste drive for mindset changes
  • Gamify the whole work culture
  • Incremental release and collaboration
  • Team structure and restructure
  • Automated dashboard for transparency and efficient decision making
  • DevOps initiative
  • Several soft skill related initiative

Value generation steps.

Target Audience

Scrum master, Agile coach, Line management, Program manager, Software Developer

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  • Steve Ropa
    By Steve Ropa  ~  5 years ago
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    Hi Chandan,

    Thanks for this submission.  Your title caught my eye.  I wonder if you are covering more topics than can be comfortably covered in a single talk.  Is there a subset of your nine items that you might want to focus on?

    • Chandan Patary
      By Chandan Patary  ~  5 years ago
      reply Reply

      Thanks Steve for your question.

      I have written one paper from our research which we are doing for last couple of years in distributed Agile product development in Finland, Switzerland, India and USA. I would like to cover few improvement especially cultural obsrvation, Mindset changes, Tool driven behaviour , Gamification etc which impact Value generation process in product development environment especially where we are operating ( Industrial Automation Software Product Development).

      Please let me know if I have to provide some more information

      • Joel Tosi
        By Joel Tosi  ~  5 years ago
        reply Reply

        Hi Chandan,

            I'm concerned, similar to Steve, that this is simply too much content for 45 minutes.  While I don't doubt your desire to present the content, as an attendee, there is only so much I would be able to take in and process and this feels like far too much.  Would you be open to thinning it down to say 4 or 5 areas and if so, what would those be?



        • Chandan Patary
          By Chandan Patary  ~  5 years ago
          reply Reply


          Hi Joel ,




          Thank you very much for your question. I have already presented the same in 45 mins at my office.


          What I did, I had shared the story, where I had set the context and challenges, steps by step solution and benifits.I had conveyed one or two key core messages which is actionable.






  • Savita Pahuja
    By Savita Pahuja  ~  5 years ago
    reply Reply


    Thanks for the submission.

    Could you please update your submission outline w.r.t time wise breakup.

    • Chandan Patary
      By Chandan Patary  ~  5 years ago
      reply Reply

      Thanks Savita for your input,

      I have added very high level time line( which can be changed based on the expectation: Agile way of executing the plan)