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Considering today’s dynamic business environment, where solutions are expected as quickly as possible, adopting only few Agile practices may not help the business in a significant way. This situation becomes further complicated where user experience matters most. From software service Organization perspective, it is further complicated where one has to consider few more parameters like Customer Collaboration (& time), Contracting approach, Domain level standards, Development maturity Standards, etc. Also as usual, productivity loss in transitioning work product from one resource to another. 

A small step in resolving these pain areas and strike a balance between various needs & constraints, at Altimetrik, we have devised a SDLC framework – based on the concept Unified Resource and various best practices from Agile, Waterfall, Prototype driven development, Assembly approach etc.

We have been using this approach for our various customer projects and have seen significant benefits.

In this experience report, we will discuss about the various pain areas of existing development models and how they are overcomed through this customised SDLC framework for some of our clients. 


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

Session outline or structure is - 

1 min - Introduction

2 min - Objective Setting

5 min – Current Challenges and corresponding proposal from custom SDLC Framework 

10 min – Case study and business benefits achieved

2 min - Q&A


Learning Outcome

After attending this session, participant will be able to - 

1. Understand how this new SDLC framework works and benefits one can achieve

2. Understand how we have implemented this framework to some of our existing customers 

Target Audience

Project / Program Manager, Scrum Master , Product Owners , Agile leaders, Managers , PMO , Process Consultant, Agile Practitioner, Agile Coach

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