Agile Mindset for Agile Transformation

Agile Transformation is a holistic initiative and impacts the People, Process and Technology aspects.

AgileNext at Wipro Technologies is the Agile Center of Excellence chartered with Agile transformation of our teams. In our journey of Agile transformation, we realize that Agile transformation is a change initiative which impacts people from a behavioral perspective, apart from alignment of Agile roles & responsibilities and the process knowledge.

We plan to share, based on our experience of working with various clients, behavioral challenges encountered when we transform teams from a traditional mindset to an Agile mode of working

We will describe the enablers used through behavioral trainings and boot camps to create awareness on the key behavioral adaptations. The specific focus will be around how to imbibe Agile mindset in multivendor Distributed Agile teams working across multiple time zones.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Mindset / Behavioral challenges encountered when transitioning traditional projects to Agile [05 min]

  • Fear/Ambiguity/Resistance to change/Lack of control and how to deal with it

Organizational Change Management initiative to align traditional roles to Agile [05 min]

  • Structural Alignment to Agile Roles & Responsibilities
  • Formal & Informal Rewards & Recognition mechanisms to incentivize teams
  • Introduction of Agile career path

Role based mentoring for Inculcating Agile Behavior [10 min]

  • Behavior Competency enablement (ELearning)
  • Boot camps
  • Cross Cultures Sessions
  • On the ground Coaching
  • Sessions for Senior Leaders

Learning Outcome

We plan to share how we go about coaching and mentoring our teams to imbibe Agile mindset and provide a structural alignment through Agile career framework.

The learning framework is highly customized “Inform-Perform-Transform” model that encompasses Self Discovery, Experiential learning and Context specific Role plays.

Role based Coaching:  Scrum Master boot-camps, Scenario based Behavior training for Scrum Masters; Specific training programs for Collaboration, One team approach etc.

Coaching for Transformation: Enterprise Agile coaches lead Agile transformation in accounts and help Agile teams inculcate necessary behavior adaptation and alignment to succeed in Agile projects.

We will also showcase how the Agile mindset change is being brought about from a Top Down perspective in addition to grounds up approach

Target Audience

Agile Teams in their journey of Agile Transformation journey / Scrum Masters

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  • Sanjeev Prasad
    By Sanjeev Prasad  ~  3 years ago
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    Hi Jerry, 

    Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate your concern on the coverage possible in 20 min

    The idea is to share the concept and not elaborate on the details. Hence I thought 20 min would be sufficient




  • Jerry Rajamoney
    By Jerry Rajamoney  ~  3 years ago
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    Thanks for the topic. It looks interesting but at the same time with 20 minutes I am worried how much you can cover? Do you want re look at focussing few than going over many?