Rome was not built in a day and so is adopting and scaling agile methodology, which cannot be done overnight. It is not only the team that needs to be agile but entire organisation have to adopt agile. Along with team structures and processes scaling agile needs change in the mindset.

I would be presenting a case study of one of our projects which had more than 150 people working on the same product. At one point time there were more than 250 people working from 3 different locations and following agile methodology and releasing software every six weeks. This case study will cover different approaches and practices that we followed. Where did we excel and where we failed. 

This case study would also sneak peek into some of the practices to be followed when the team is distributed, for e.g. remote pairing, remote stand ups, distributed retros, etc.



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Outline/structure of the Session

  1. Introduction to the project.
  2. Different team structures.
  3. What worked and what did not?
  4. What if teams are distributed?
  5. Paradigm shift needed in the project.
  6. Conclusion.

Learning Outcome

  • How do multiple teams work and coordinate among each other while working on the same product?
  • What are the responsibility of a Product Owner in such a environment?
  • What are the organisational changes needed?

Target Audience

Any large enterprise planning to adopt agile, any organisation following agile and wants to scale.

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  • Doc Norton
    By Doc Norton  ~  3 years ago
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    Would it be possible to distill this down to a core few ideas and get it to 20 minutes?

    - Doc


  • Jerry Rajamoney
    By Jerry Rajamoney  ~  3 years ago
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    Thanks for this topic. Can you please provide the problem which you have solved / tried to solve by applying this? OR can you please provide some data points on the reason for choosing this with more real time example?


    • Tabassum
      By Tabassum  ~  3 years ago
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      The problem statement here is how do we scale agile specially when the team is distributed. What I am trying to expalin in this case study is how did we manage to release quality software every six weeks with more than 150 people working on the same code base and enhancing the same product. We had 8 functional and 4 non functional teams in different locations with application architecture of 3 web layers and around 20 services. 

      This case study will cover what worked for us and what did not. What are the different team structures that we had. When we realised that quality is getting impacted what changes did we incorporate, etc. What is the role and responsibilty of other teams like business management, production support, ops, etc. in such a scenario and how are they impacted.