One of the biggest challenge Agile Coaches face when working on large transformation projects is, trying to identify ways to ensure that the teams understand the Agile values properly and also that they are following the Agile Principles regularly sprint after sprint. It is important for coaches, to identify the right approach and also implement different ideas to ensure that the stickiness of the agile mindset is retained sprint after sprint and thus maintain the discipline required to stay on track.

The basic operating mechanics of an agile software development process is highly interdependent. Thus, in order for the teams to coordinate and continuously deliver working software successfully within a highly adaptive environment, team communication and collaboration is critical throughout the agile development lifecycle. As an Agile Coach, it is important to ensure that the team’s agile heartbeat is beating at a consistent pace every day, every Sprint and for every Release. Once the team gets into the rhythm of working together as a true agile team, there is suddenly time for continuous process improvement, learning new skills and other best practices. This ensures that the team maintains the right momentum to move forward continuously inspite of adapting to changes, common in any agile development environment.



Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

2 minutes - Introduction and discuss importance of coaching teams to BE Agile

5 minutes - Real life experiences discussing challenges faced by coaches in ensuring teams continue to adapt and use Agile Principles on a continuous basis

10 minutes - Discuss few effective coaching techniques to help teams realize the true values of Being Agile and thus help retain the stickiness factor

2 minutes - What about the effect of Tools, Culture and Leadership - how can they enable teams to be Agile?

1 minute - Conclusion


Learning Outcome

In this session, I will be presenting my experiences and ideas on ways to ensure that the teams understand the basic mechanics of being agile, its value proposition and how it can help promote continuous improvement.

Through interactive discussion sessions, I will also be sharing real-world examples that can help coaches and consultants achieve success in their enterprise agile adoption initiatives.


Target Audience

Agile Practitioners, Agile Coaches, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Delivery Managers, Agile Program Managers

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  • Ravi Kumar
    By Ravi Kumar  ~  5 years ago
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    Hi Gautham,


    Can you reduce this to a 20 min experience report and highlight 3-4 things that was effectively implemented and the outcomes you saw from them. I think this will help most attendees.







  • Jerry Rajamoney
    By Jerry Rajamoney  ~  5 years ago
    reply Reply

    Hi Gautam,

    Thanks for the proposal. Can you please provide some pointers / techniquies on "Discuss few effective coaching techniques" which you have used?


  • Joel Tosi
    By Joel Tosi  ~  5 years ago
    reply Reply

    Hi Gautam,

       I am concerned about the length of this experience report - the concepts seem pretty straight forward, what is the need of the duration? 



    • Gautam Ramamurthy
      By Gautam Ramamurthy  ~  5 years ago
      reply Reply

      Hello Joel,

      Thanks for asking the clarification.

      You are right. While the concepts seems straight forward, the real value is in the real life expereinces that I wanted to share - in terms of challenges and coaching solutions. I have lot of interesting stories/examples.

      Having said that, I have now updated my expereince report to just 45 minutes as I can close crisply and probably have any further discussions with the audience, outside my session (I had kept 5 minutes for conclusion and 10 minutes for Q&A). I can shorten it still further if required, but then, I will have to cut down on the experience stories.

      Let me know your thoughts?




  • Liked Vibhu Srinivasan

    Vibhu Srinivasan / Gautam Ramamurthy - Self Leadership In An Agile World

    60 Mins

    This session is based on agile and lean leadership principles and takes the audience though a journey of self learning with a series of activites. There is a lot in the industry on concepts of ShuHaRi and Toyota Leadership principles. A succesful project needs each one of in a team to bring in a leadership skill. So how we do we know which skills we have as a team member or identify the skills others have in the group you work with. 

    One of the key phases self leadership awareness would be the discovery phase. This will help with concrete action items they can take out of the session in terms of skill set development.

    Once the participants discover thier skill level. they will take part in exercises to take the leadership leap