Agile has been around for several decades and a common misnomer has been that it is irrevocably tied into the `IT' or virtual world.


But Agile as a methodology can well be applied in the `real' brick and mortar world as well. Being Agile infact is a core competency that most organizations need to exhibit in this fast paced, `Kill or be Killed' corporate world.


It is also a sad fact that most Agile `gurus' are adept at principles and concepts but fail to apply the fundamental tenets of Agile into the real world. Enduring principles such as Vision translation into Business Value,  face to face collaboration , Release planning, estimation, tracking & reporting can well be applied across manufacturing and other service organizations to reap the benefits of agile adoption.


This session outlines the principles applied in several non It organizations such as Banking and manufacturing Operations and the learnings & Best practices gleaned from them. 


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

1. Why Agile in a non Agile World ?

2. Needs of the sponsers & translation of business Value

3. Experience 1 - in a large scale banking operation

4. Experience 2 - in a large manufacturing House

5. Results - the `agile' heart beats on...

6. Best Practices & Lessons learnt

Learning Outcome



                                                           in LIFE ITSELF...


1. How Agile can be successfully applied in a Brick and Mortar World

2. Principles that work

3. lessons learnt

Target Audience

Sceptics welcome ! Fanatics who embrace Agile in IT - welcome to the new world !

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    Would you be able to elaborate on the Lessons Learnt and Best Practices, we are looking for what attendees are going to learn.