As we know, irrespective of the process (Agile or traditional) in use, Kanban adoption enables the team to inspect the process flow in depth, to bring-in all possible improvements to their existing process. Having prior experience in facilitating projects with Kanban implementation as Lean Coach, excited me, rather forced me to imbibe all Kanban good concepts in agile teams as well, when I started my Agile coaching journey.

Let us specifically focus on how Kanban can help in accelerating both matured Agile/Scrum teams as well as teams where Scrum is not suitable, enabling all teams in the organization to have Agile flavor.

  • Kanban Accelerating and Scaling Agile teams:

Kanban principles adoption help the stabilized Scrum team to achieve next level of agile maturity,


* Mandating Prioritization of stories in Sprint backlog: Team become more organized while pulling the stories from backlog as per priority set by the team

* Introduction of WIP limits in Story board (in ALM tool): Team started focusing on finishing the story in hand, before starting a new story.

* Improved team collaboration on breaching WIP limit: Ensured smooth flow of story card during development

* Team brainstorm as and when the story flow gets blocked during story development: Lead to drastic reduction in Story development Cycle Time

* Frequent feedback and faster incremental value delivery within the sprint: As the is finishing the stories and moving to DONE status one by one, the team could demonstrate the stories to PO as and when finished, enabling the team to get early feedback from PO, without waiting for the demo day.

  • Role of Kanban in Scaled Enterprise Agile transformation

* Wherever Scrum is not applicable for the team, Kanban is the best fit, for example support teams.

* Kanban/Scrum suitability and Applicability from implementation perspective

* How Kanban based enhancement increase team’s adaptability, within the sprint.

* How Kanban helped in bringing Agile Culture, in each and every team, when Enterprise decided to move on 100% Agile Transformation.

* Enterprise Scaled Agile Transformation Case Study covering end-end Agile transformation of all teams across the organization using Scrum, Kanban and Kanban with Scrum or Scrum with Kanban

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Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

1. How Kanban helps in accelerating matured agile team in scaling to the next level [10 mins]

2. Kanban in Scaled Agile transformation, with enterprise agile transformation case-study of a major banking vendor [25 mins]

  • How Kanban helps in bringing Agile Culture, in each and every team, when an Enterprise decide to move on 100% Agile transformation.
  • Kanban Suitability and Applicability, dring Scaled agile journey
  • Scaled Agile Transformation Case

3. Q&A [10 mins]



Learning Outcome

Kanban insights, Kanban Applicability, Flavor of Scrum with Kanban/WIP, Kanban in improving Scrum, Role of Kanban in Scaled Agile transformation at team level

Target Audience

Anyone on Agile Transformation and Maturity Journey

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Public Feedback

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  • Doc Norton
    By Doc Norton  ~  4 years ago
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    What is the tie break-down of the material you're covering? Looking at this, I'm concerned there is too much time spent on kanban 101 and not enough on the actual experience report.

    • Tathagat Varma
      By Tathagat Varma  ~  4 years ago
      reply Reply

      Sundari - I agree with Doc. We have had Kanban 101 sessions in the past, and I think that might not be interesting enough for a lot of attendees. What, hwoever, might be of great interest is your experience report of adopting kanban in scaled agile transformation. Do you want to make it an experience report on that, and skip the kanban intro? if yes, can you share a deck on the same so that the panel could review it?


      • Sundari
        By Sundari  ~  4 years ago
        reply Reply

        Thanks for your feedback.

        Have updated the abstract and the session structure, to focus more on Kanban acceleration in matured Agile teams and scaled Agile transformation.

        Will upload the report, for your review..

        • Tathagat Varma
          By Tathagat Varma  ~  4 years ago
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          Please share the report and also upload a video of your recent talk