Enterprise Agile for large distributed, fixed price projects

This talk will share how we are executing a 140+ man year fixed price, timebound project using Agile principle, in a distributed environment, with customer and Digite team members collaborating. 

The project is using planning principles from SCRUM and is being executed using the Kanban way. We will talk about how we went about planning this project, how we executed this project on a daily basis and how we would track and report progress to senior management.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

Project Background: 5 min (2 slides)

Project Planning approach: 15min (4-5 slides)

Project Execution approach: 10min (3-4 slides)

Tracking and Monitoring approach: 5min (2-3 slides)

Learning Outcome

Learn how to use Agile/Lean principles in very large projects, in a fixed price, with timebound deliverables committed.

Target Audience

People who are seeking to adopt Agile principles in Large Fixed Price projects

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Public Feedback

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  • Prasad
    By Prasad  ~  4 years ago
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    Large, big, scale ... is hot this time.. many proposals.  It will be super if you bring little details around key business outcomes, how engineering metrics are aligned to that. Also patterns and anti patterns.


    • Sudipta Lahiri
      By Sudipta Lahiri  ~  4 years ago
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      Key business outcome: We will demostrate the project making its project deadlines with quality. By the time the conference happens, we will be very close to the GoLive date. That, to me, is the most significant business outcome.

      Engineering metrics: Can definitely be included. Consider it done.

      Patterns and Anti-patterns: I will cover this but will have to be sensitive to not share customer environment specific details (reasons that you will appreciate). Will talk about this generically.

      • Jerry Rajamoney
        By Jerry Rajamoney  ~  4 years ago
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        Is it possible for you to mention or explain the Key business problem that was targeted to be solved using this approach?


        • Sudipta Lahiri
          By Sudipta Lahiri  ~  4 years ago
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          The key business problem is same as most projects have:

          a) Deliver a fixed scope project within budgets.

          b) Deliver to a timeline that is significantly compressed (compared to the original plan) because of the customer's business needs.

          We recognize that the project scope cannot be fully and accurately documented. Hence, there will be changing scope as the project progresses. We recognize that there is value is early demo to the customer and getting feedback, instead of waiting for UAT to happen and getting all the issues then. We recognize that we need teams where testing and development are part of one team - not where development gives to testing in a black box which then the latter tests. We recognize that the value of self-owning teams where there is no Project Manager doing daily task/resource allocation.

          So, we have taken many of the Agile and Lean principles and applied them to deliver a project of massive scope, executed in a distributed environment.