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    Scaling Agile in a Mainframe Product Development Organization

    Pooja Uppalapati
    Pooja Uppalapati
    Ravindra Chebiyam
    Ravindra Chebiyam
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    Experience Report

    Agile transformation in any organization will go through myriad of challenges that involves people, existing organization culture, technology/domain etc. Instead of seeing these challenges as obstacles, if you view them as opportunities to grow and improve, transformation will be more impactful and long-lasting. If neglected, the very same obstacles would severely damage the motivation and trust of employees.

    In this experience report we would like to walk you through the agile transformation journey in a Mainframe product development enterprise by unraveling the challenges and the remediation steps that has helped us in keeping this journey alive. Specifically we would like to touch upon 

    1. Self-organizing teams
      • Resistance to change
      • Culture shift
    2. HR
      • Lack of role clarity and
      • Effective R&R in agile space
    3. Agile Engineering Practices adopted in Mainframe product development
      • Unit test automation
      • Continuous Integration

    Along the presentation we’ll highlight few anti-patterns and the effects of ignoring them.

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