• Ankur Sambhar
    Ankur Sambhar
    schedule 2 years ago
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    20 mins
    Experience Report

    We all know the importance of validating a feature before committing to getting it built. Validating assumptions help in avoiding the most frustrating and common problem – building something that nobody wants. However, validation is easier said than done. Building the right feature before we think of building the feature right is the key.

    Being Agile, we always try to leverage the quick feedback loop and adapt based on the end-user feedback. That’s good but it should not be used to validate the assumptions and that too after implementing a feature based on that assumption. It’s very expensive smile

    A more powerful and productive technique is to leverage Specification-by-example in defining and discovering requirements collaboratively with end-user, even before start working on the feature.

    This talk will focus on highlighting key aspects of effectively adopting SBE technique based on my own experience leveraging it successfully over and over again. It not only helps in grooming the feature requirement to tell a clear , simple and compelling story but it also helps in removing what is not needed.

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