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    Dave Snowden
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    960 mins

    Make better decisions

    Learn to engage with the unanticipated for strategic advantage. For leaders, consultants and project managers.

    How to manage uncertainty in increasingly complex environments?

    The ability to manage and navigate complexity is a key strategic advantage. However, many organizations are trapped in past practices and structures. Breaking through such inertia requires praxis - theory informed practice.

    The Cynefin framework, and its application in managing complexity is at the heart of this training program.

    The Academy of Management awarded the Harvard Business Review article, Cynefin & Leadership, the "Best Practitioner Paper". Their citation reads:

    "This paper introduces an important new perspective that has enormous future value, and does so in a clear way that shows it can be used. The article makes several significant contributions. First, and most importantly, it introduces complexity science to guide managers’ thoughts and actions. Second, it applies this perspective to advance a typology of contexts to help leaders to sort out the wide variety of situations in which they must lead decisions. Third, it advises leaders concerning what actions they should take in response"

    Cognitive Edge has developed a modular training program that allows participants to understand the theory of complexity and how to put it to practice.

    Crucial new knowledge for:

    • Project management
    • Change management
    • Innovation and development
    • Risk and crisis management
    • Shaping culture
    • Safety management
    • Knowledge management
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