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    The Secret, yet Obvious, Ingredient to Achieving Sustainable Organizational Agility

    Ahmed Sidky
    Ahmed Sidky
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    Education is a critical component in a sustainable agile transformation. Sustainable agile is realized when people have truly change the way they think – that needs education. If we truly understand that we need to change the mindset of everyone in the organization, including its leaders, then we need a combination of education, coaching and mentoring to successfully equip people with the knowledge and skills they need to develop and execute agile habits. If we think of agile as a process, not a mindset, then we default to training instead of education.

    Training is about the mechanics of how practices are done, such as a template for writing a user story, education will focus on changing the thought process to focus on value and enable the educated to think and decide what works for them and for their team in a given context. That is true agility.

    While we acknowledge our bias towards the learning roadmap published by the International Consortium of Agile (ICAgile.com), we truly believe that it is the most comprehensive roadmap in the agile community that focuses on a common education roadmap for agile and agility and not training on a particular agile methodology. ICAgile has gathered experts from around the world and they have collaborated to define an education roadmap for every discipline needed to change how the organization as a whole works, and provides education as a foundation for sustainable organizational agility. (Focus on people not process, education not training)

    Certifications are a way to give people confidence in the learning and competency of others. Agile certifications should be no different. ICAgile has developed a set of competency based certifications to ensure we keep the focus on Education. 

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